Best Mini Trampolines

We love any exercise that’s fun, can be done to good music and is low intensity (it’s always a good idea to have something to offset those intense treadmill sessions or HIIT classes – no matter your age, your joints will thank you for it!). So, what could be better than a mini trampoline, also known as a trampette (which sounds like an insult… but isn’t. Promise!).

Not only are mini trampolines, or rebounders (if you want to get technical), great for livening up home workouts, but they can be easily stored away afterwards too. As for the health benefits of trampolining, one study found that bouncing on a trampette for 20 minutes can burn the same number of calories as if you were to run for the same amount of time.

Trampoline With Handle

The patented T-bar safety handle on this mini trampoline offers up an extra sense of security as you master the Boogie Bounce programme’s dance, combat and functional fitness skills. It also comes complete with 3 months access to the Boogie Bounce app, meaning you’ll be guided through how to properly use your mini trampoline right away – and can get a decent sweat on ASAP. The trampoline’s feet also fold in so that it can be quickly stored under a bed (or wherever else you have the space!) when not in use. 

Mini Rebounder Trampoline

If you are looking for a low-impact way to do aerobic exercises, the Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampoline is the best choice. Its 40″ jumping surface provides plenty of room to bounce safely. Rebound training has proven to increase bone density, detoxify the lymphatic system, and increase balance and coordination. The 36 high-tension springs of this mini trampoline offer superior bouncing, and the exterior trampoline pad is cushioned to avoid injuries. The jump mat is made of heavy-duty polypropylene to ensure durability. This trampoline comes along with a manual.